September Summer ’17: Atlanta & Punta Cana

Feels good to be writing again – Hello! The break was necessary, balancing work and blogging together was slightly becoming mentally and physically exhausting. How I still managed to deliver was a miracle.… Continue reading

Black Kings IV

This month I dare you to share a post/video of any of the bloggers/vloggers below on any social platform with a hashtag #BlackKingsIV.

July: King Bloggers Notice Board

Hurray for Elliot Rae! One of our King Bloggers, Elliot Rae found himself featuring in the Independent this month, discussing or shall I say letting us know that black fathers who are young,… Continue reading

Glimpse of Africa Utopia… as a Trader.

15th Saturday 2017 I was so excited about going to this event. It was a chance to finally familiarise myself with more Black Owned Pop Up Kitchens and EAT! Plus Holiday shop! 👀

“…Mandem” on the Blog Map (again).

And thank you to everyone who has given me feedback and encouraging words – the inspiration is going strong! Welcome back to another King Blogger series part 3.

Feed My Creative

(PRE- LOVED TO  RE-LOVED) This is a post associated with the Black British Blogger Social – the goody bag!

Black Male Bloggers II

This is a post sequel to the Black Male Bloggers…we see you guys post. There is definitely something about a man who writes, whether it is related to their thoughts, current affairs or… Continue reading

…we see you guys! 💙

Saturday June 3rd 2017 #BBBSocial

Black Owned Highlights

This month I was somewhat spoilt for choices when it came to deciding on which blacked owned business/entertainment to review this month. So I have decided to do something slightly different and focus… Continue reading

SibiCare Support

I was impressed with the number of post published and shared via blogs and social media to mark Mental Health week. If you are reading this today and suffering from depression or any… Continue reading

  • Black History Month 2018 – GET INVOLVED!!!!!!

    Last year, I was very disappointed that I didn’t take part during the black History month – so this year I am doing some serious pre-planning and wanting 31 stories for the month of October.

    If you are interested in taking part contact me here and I will provide you with more information.

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