Black Women as Minorities at Work


What are your views on black people and black women representation in a workplace? Do you feel that being black or being a black woman in your establishment will be a factor in your career progression?

These were just the couple of questions my “blog sister” Margaret asked 5 black women (Tanimola, Victoria, Moyosola, Yemi and Maggie) for her Moments With M blog. The posts were indeed an innovative and unique way to demonstrate the different views and experiences of black women as minorities in a workplace which has encouraged me to write on my own views and experience on this matter and touch on those few questions in line with some of the questions Margaret came up with. Continue reading

Dark Sugars chocolate


Dark Sugars


Founder: Nyanga (other articles refer to the owner as Fatou Mendy)

I’ve only just relocated to Milton Keynes for a week and returning back to London for the weekend – felt great! And with the feel of spring trying to burst its way through as well – it felt even better.  Oh yes! I am a typical city lady who loves the busy life and likes to be spoiled with choices when it comes to means of transport. Continue reading