Glimpse of Africa Utopia… as a Trader.

15th Saturday 2017

I was so excited about going to this event. It was a chance to finally familiarise myself with more Black Owned Pop Up Kitchens and EAT! Plus Holiday shop! 👀 Continue reading “Glimpse of Africa Utopia… as a Trader.”


SibiCare Support

I was impressed with the number of post published and shared via blogs and social media to mark Mental Health week. If you are reading this today and suffering from depression or any other symptoms related to mental health – be sure to know that you are not alone. There are people and support groups out there out there waiting to listen to you, support you and share you their own testimonies.

I believe a serious shout out to all our bloggers, vloggers, event planners who celebrated Mental Health Week this month is required!!!!!


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