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There is a Process of Giving Feedback: 5 Lessons Learnt…

This post is sequel to my previous post titled 5 Ways to Find a Black Owned Business. It wasn’t until last week that I found myself replying to a lot of emails relating… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find a Black Owned Business

This post is to briefly discuss whether consumers are having difficulty finding Black Owned Businesses to support. The post also suggests a sketchy guide on how to find Black Owned Business’ products/services to… Continue reading

Autumn’ 17 Black Owned Highlights

October was a great month when it came to supporting black owned businesses as well as doing my little bit to celebrate the 30th year of Black History Month. Here is a summary… Continue reading

UK Black Business Show Review

Documenting my thoughts and opinions on UK’s Black Business Show that took place on 14th October 2017. The purpose of the event was produce a platform where attendees could connect with professionals and… Continue reading

Feed My Creative

(PRE- LOVED TO  RE-LOVED) This is a post associated with the Black British Blogger Social – the goody bag!

Black Owned Highlights

This month I was somewhat spoilt for choices when it came to deciding on which blacked owned business/entertainment to review this month. So I have decided to do something slightly different and focus… Continue reading

SibiCare Support

I was impressed with the number of post published and shared via blogs and social media to mark Mental Health week. If you are reading this today and suffering from depression or any… Continue reading

“Stunnas Alert” with BlacShade

Founder: Sandra N. Dipate I have been eating so much food from black owned restaurants the past few weeks, if I reviewed them all at once – it would probably turn this blog into… Continue reading

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

#Saturday 25th In London, the sun is naked and March is coming to a close, meaning it’s time for pre-birthday celebrations ishh. Whoop whoop! My friend and I decided Brixton, in a pop-up… Continue reading

Dark Sugars chocolate

  Dark Sugars Chocolate  Founder: Nyanga (other articles refer to the owner as Fatou Mendy) I’ve only just relocated to Milton Keynes for a week and returning back to London for the weekend –… Continue reading

  • Black History Month 2018 – GET INVOLVED!!!!!!

    Last year, I was very disappointed that I didn’t take part during the black History month – so this year I am doing some serious pre-planning and wanting 31 stories for the month of October.

    If you are interested in taking part contact me here and I will provide you with more information.

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