Take No. 101

Here goes…

My name is Damilola Anu Coker (the lady with too many nicknames including “d’ african lady” – even though I am a British Nigerian). I have a few capital letters after my surname and I am in my 20s. To keep it very brief, I am a product/process develop scientist at a global healthcare company (don’t worry, I won’t be posting much on science, until I find a cure to a disease lol – in Jesus name).


5 Quick Facts

  1. I love ART (I thank God for the gift of drawing, need to get back into it)…and LOVE ALGEBRA
  2. I am an online shopper, 90% of the clothes I buy striaight from the shops need returning.
  3. My dimple is deep enough to carry water
  4. I am never too far from a can of ginger beer and white nutted chocolate
  5. Can someone out there teach me Patois and Nigerian Pidgin please?



This is a blog that provides platform to display that there is uniqueness within black presence and within the black community.

To achieve this I have given myself a monthly task to support blacked own business (UK and International) by buying products/services and writing my personal reviews and opinions and then sharing them with you.

If you would like me to review your products, including food, clothwear, beauty services etc please email: dafricanlady@outlook.com.

Who knows this may turn me into part-time vlogging ….*laughs at the thought*. I’m really not video-genic.


“Give dem!” is a section where I will be giving shout outs to events (their founders) that have caught my eye, podcasts that have got my attention and got me laughing and other sources of entertainment of colour ….or ‘blacktainment’.



The space where I will be sharing with you  our exceptional Black British Male writers, poets, content creators and basically doing their thing. Everyone seems to be talking about black women and queens – but what about our brothers….. we know that they are around – so let’s show them off!!! We see you!

In addition to the above, there may be travel posts, book reviews and encouragement post to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


Thank you so much for browsing my blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading the content so far and have also found a blacked owned organisation/business to support.