“…Mandem” on the Blog Map (again).

And thank you to everyone who has given me feedback and encouraging words – the inspiration is going strong!

Welcome back to another King Blogger series part 3.

As mentioned in my other King Blogger Series, I am moved in how we black women are doing our thing, making our voices heard and being influential through our blogs, poems and general writing. But I also have this urge to highlight our brothers who are doing the same and encourage the ones who may still be hesitating to take that risk. We see you and we are mapping you down, in hope that the King Blogger series will be your directory for the UK British Black Male Bloggers, Vloggers, Poets and writers

So without rambling on further my next five Kings are…

Freefall onto foundations – Deen

The world is a canvas yet most of us just view the work of others and stay passive creators becoming wells of unlived life. Lets draw from our reservoirs and water our imaginations – Deen

I initially reviewed the poetic blog on a lazy day – on my phone. I was kindly introduced with 5 recent post titles hence it did suggest that Deen was a new blogger, especially as a new reader to his blog. The words I mentally summed up in head – wouldn’t have been enough to give Deen’s work justice and so it was time to restudy and re-engage via my laptop.

Deen has been blogging… for years! The 5 recent posts demonstrate it.  It is just a shame the blog is not phone friendly.

There is composed vibe about his blog with the vintage image in the background. It strangely compliments most of the content. I love it!

With my undivided attention, I feel in love with An outlet for a swollen womb. There are so many of us containing our thoughts amongst our brain cells, in our hearts and in our womb  – today is the day to let it out!


Wait, I just found a non-poem.  Made me chuckle (sorry, as I write these, I do click on random posts simultaneously lol): TFL Smelly foods ad sinister or savoury.

If I was to have my eyes closed and hear his poem, I’d fall in love. To have read it…I’ve fallen deeper. To be honest.

i: @artistephilosopher

t: @BarcAmigos

w: http://rebelreasoner.blogspot.co.uk/

Aharoun the Author

Based in Luton!! I’m in Milton Keynes…HEY!

Scanning through your Twitter bio. I see you! Check out and follow @EMN_Lboro everyone!

Okay, so back to the matter at hand. Aharoun transports the conversation he has within himself into written content hence the blog. He aims to write things that he is passionate about to develop his ability and maybe change the world.

When considering the categories, there is definitely something there for everyone, politics, music, entertainment and he also gets personal with his own experience in life. Great way to relate to the readers…

The appearance of the blog is clean! It’s clear and I can’t fault it!


My top posts lol. I will list them down…in hope my new blog sister Domunique and I can discuss out a topic or two in the near future.

The one I will select, due to current situation and the season we are in is:

The Greatest of All Time – yes! Wimbledon has arrived!!! I for one will definitely miss Serena on my screens this year (however, not as much as my sister Tobi).

The post highlights her successes professionally and lifestyle-ly and converses about the infamous comment that was made towards her unborn child.

In a nutshell, Aharoun, did an exceptional job talking about this Queen.



I might as well use this opportunity to share the beautiful images of Serena!

t: @Aharoun_Jordan

w: https://aharountheauthor.wordpress.com/

1/2 #DK UNCOVERED – Kwame

The Ghanaians are ruling this one. 🇬🇭

I’ve seen the blog title fly around social media for a long while now but I have never browsed through. Although I take into account how to put clothes together, I am really not into fashion. Unless we’re introducing African prints or iro ati buba.

The blog speaks volumes with its bright piercing images – in fact…what camera are they using? Categories and post titles are bold. So you can’t get lost within the content. As the blog is governed by Kwame and his sister, each post is identified with its author.

On a whole is it was quite well thought of to have male and female blog put together.

I mentioned that I wasn’t into fashion earlier…but I love me a coat and blazer (and African prints)…whilst everyone is buzzing about the sun waiting to show guns and thighs….I am waiting to buy a new Autumn coat – which leads me to the post of my attention in DK UNCOVERED.

Shearling Comfort. This coat has life! Kwame is right, it I gorgeous to the point I would buy it for myself regardless of whether it’s a male coat or not.


Kwame, executes the review really well. Enough details to answer your questions on the product.

Oh yeah, you don’t need tea for this blog. Just your bank card.

t: @UncoveredDk

i: @kwame_dkuncovered

f: @dkuncovered

w: https://www.dkuncovered.com/


The Cross Between – DW Gaisie


Denz Denz Denz.

He liked a post of mine via Twitter – that’s how I met his blog. It was a bonus to also find that he was a Christian blogger.

Analysing Denz’s blog on my phone, I found it to be very phone friendly, with bold titles and relevant images.

From the title of the posts along, Denz doesn’t hide behind the curtains of the cross. As a Christian myself, I found myself reading answers to quite a number of unanswered questions such as the post “God is a Murderer”.  I believe this is a particular post that may poke the arm of many Christians, however, I also sensed that it is an post that will probably boost confidence when questions like this arise with an audience.

As mentioned Denz does base his articles on sensitive topics related to Christianity, he executes this subtly with facts and also scriptures – despite this, he definitely doesn’t preach in his writing. He’s discusses his thoughts out. He reminds me of another male blogger I wrote about 4 posts ago – Jason. If they were to collaborate with each other on a shared topic –the post will be a mind blower. #JustAThought.

Once again there are too many posts, I have marked down to study, I am thinking of collaborating with you on my Testimonies Speak blog too!

Just like Jason’s blog, get some tea and biscuits….but also get a Bible for reference purposes.

t: @dgaze1

i: @crossaesthetic

w: https://thecrossbetween.com


MunchClub TV – Nyasha Sakutukwa

Last but never the least – how am I just finding out about this channel? Thank you Mariam for telling me about this b/vlogger.

So here’s to my first vlogger I am featuring in the #KingBloggerSeries.

Nyasha has got personality making his video entertaining to watch and I saw the video that said plantain pizza. Recipe to so try out!

Check out his channel!!!!!

YouTube: Munch Club

t: @munchclubtv

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featured image created by @SelluBanya1