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This is a post associated with the Black British Blogger Social – the goody bag!

Once again, this post was inspired from just commenting on Shahira Allen’s post. Thanks girl!

At a glance my goody bag was covered in a sea of leaflets and hair product samples, it wasn’t until I went through the bag I found a purse-shaped item buried amongst the flat sheets and products…. which got me excited.

Opening the purse-shaped item got me puzzled. 3 narrow pockets, with no secure fastener. This was definitely not a standard purse, but an item that I was clueless yet curious about. Best believe during the bus journey back to my London home – I was thinking what to use it for.

It was the moment I was neatening my business cards in my bag I realised “hol up”…this purse-shaped item can fit a reasonable number of cards. Light bulb moment!

It was Shahira, who informed me there was a competition of the individual who came up with the best idea of how to utilise the purse-shaped item would win a gift (Good luck girl). Unfortunately, up to now I have not viewed this post to enter the competition but it has got me into thinking what else I would use it for when purchased …so here is my random list:

One the Go

Business cards

Super saver cards or Bank Cards

Mint, gums, tic tac

Pocket tissues

Feminine Hygiene: sanitary towels & tampons

Hand cream


To Hang Up

Paint Brushes

Art pencils & Pens

Acrylic paint tubes

If you have many sunglasses



DIY Purse

Cable ties

Light weighted tools



Product Hair samples – we always get from exhibitions

Small tinned Vaseline containers, lip balms

Bobby Pins

Cotton wool

Book marks (actually, is there a book mark with the same material?)

Dorcascreates brooches

USB sticks

Spare Buttons

Wig kit

Dental Bag


For the Kids

Kids hair bands



I found Feed Me Creative to be a very unique black owned business. I simply love the idea of using recycled materials to make the things we need and use in our everyday life including fabric on chairs, cuddly toys, and fleeces. A bold definition of innovation! And a brilliant idea to help money go further for those on a limited budget.

Janet Gray even goes beyond by providing workshops within the community and universities on how to reuse materials and turn them into something relevant. From her social media handles, it shown that Janet is open to provide sessions and lessons- which is great!

I am definitely looking forward adding some of her items onto my shopping list. In the meantime it’s time to bring out the sewing machine!

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Typing to you again in July!