Black Male Bloggers II

This is a post sequel to the Black Male Bloggers…we see you guys post.

There is definitely something about a man who writes, whether it is related to their thoughts, current affairs or life in general. Maybe it’s an indication to us ladies that the man is in touch with this inner self, a deep thinker or analytical. Characteristics that could be pleasing to the eye *shrug shoulders*.

When a man writes, I guess for me it’s like a form of art. It is an exposure to his creative side other than using illustrations – it’s a rare commodity. There are not many around, hence I believe if we see a good black male blogger/writer, it’s nice to highlight them out and to encourage them to continue to write and if possible maintain their blog which could eventually inspire more black males who secretly love to write.

Despite us black women working hard to make our voices heard and beautiful colour shine and seen – we still see you and appreciate you.

Here are my King Bloggers for this series:

Scorpzgca – Joseph Opoku

If you are into video games, comic book TV shows/ Movies and Anime and Manga. This blog is just for you. Joseph is on a roll to keep you up to date with the latest when it comes to providing information relating to his interests.

Although, the blog decor itself doesn’t scream “I am an entertainment” blog– the content is sound in general. Let’s not judge a blog by its outlook but by its content. 

Joseph's web at a glance

Of course the post to catch my eye was The Legend, Hero and King of Wakanda Black Panther teaser trailer has finally been released. Not sure about you, but the trailer has got me wanting to buy my tickets like NOW! February 2018…gash!


For a trailer that lasted only 1 minute 52 seconds, Joseph was able to dissect the happenings in the trailer which proved to be somewhat useful for someone like me who has limited knowledge of the Black Panther (I do plan to read everything associated with the Black Panther before it comes out next year.

t: @SCORPZ0001


Thovghts Conveyed – Dom Clarke

This is a blog that does exactly what the title of the blog says. It coveys Dom’s thoughts! Here you will find poetry, book lists and general feelings of events that occur in his life.

His writing quickly demonstrated that he has a lot of feelings and views when considering the less fortunate, the homeless as well as humanity.

There were two main posts that attracted my attention in relation to Dom’s blog:

Firstly his book lists (the titles indicated to me history and politics – specifications that qualify my initial interest in books). I was looking forward to a couple lengthy reviews to be honest; however the brief blurb was sufficient enough to prompt me into doing some digging particularly “I Shall Not Hate” by Izzeldin Abuelaish and has succeeded in getting me wanting to buy the book. Dom, we shall be discussing this book soon.


Reading is one of the most crucial gateways to a new consciousness. Literature, personally, is everything when you are able to transcend into an unknown dimension and become wilfully lost in the abyss of the authors mind. – Dom Clarke

As for the second post, I blame the featured image for allowing me to click on the post lol. Images does a lot for your posts. The post challenges decision makers and budget holders associated with there plans regarding the homeless.


I found Thovghts Conveyed to be refreshing. It’s definitely a blog a I would revisit, particularly during journeys to and from work. In other words, I would love to see a post of yours in a column of a newspaper.

There are contents here ready to question or review and your outlook on humanity. Definitely one of my top King Bloggers!

Thank you to Dominique for the recommendation!

t: @thovghtsconveyd


David Ogbedobor  (New Blogger Alert)!

ogbesays june 15th

…and he’s only 21!

5 posts in, David has already used his blog, to encourage and advice readers – which I believe has set a good solid foundation for his blog.

I must say even in my “kind of” last 20s, it was nice to be reminded that I am not defined by my mistakes and making them is part of my natural well-being. In relation to this post, David delivered his message well particularly when he uses Physics…Forces as an analogy in aid to body his introduction. Yes I am that neek!

Physics: it was that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Hopefully my post over here has put you in the spot light into writing more for us readers soon.

We see you!


t: @Ogbesays



Josh uses his blog to document his observations, commentary on current affairs, experiences in relation to travels and restaurants.

Without going to the “About” section, the blog does highlight itself as a lifestyle blog with the categories clearly displayed above.

The blog is blessed with several images in most if not all the posts and with the detail he provides, it’s almost like we are not missing out on his travels, music events and food experiences.

HOLD UP! I am still going through his blog – this journalist does poetry too! Jack of all trades as a writer eh. He just needs to write about men’s fashions!

josh b

One of the reasons why I decided to shortlist (in my already short list) Josh  as part this post #King Blogger is due to the fact that he has been blogging for 10 years (he is also your man if you want advice on blogging) and I managed to find a post that highlights this. He explains the reasons for starting a blog and summaries his blog journey to his readers.

My Blogging Journey

A personal message I got from the post (as a serious blogger) is that; although consistency is important, life events such as career and family can distract you from blogging – there is nothing wrong with that as long as you have it in your heart and mind to come back to it. But keep writing…even if it’s on rough paper!

t: @jb_new

f: @lookdwn

i: @jb_new



Taking Food – Tobi Akinbalogun  – 1/3 of #SuyaSunday

taking food

I encountered this blog after my interest and experience at Suya Sunday back in April. By the way the food was delish! I will definitely have to review after my second or third visit. Keep an eye out on the right of our page to see when they are due to have another (monthly) pop up in London.

I could dissect this blog and write about each post, but I won’t so I will list you my two top posts to read! Follow Suya Sunday on Twitter and Instagram and then meet me at their next event!

A Satisfying Salmon Salad and A Season of Suya


t: @SuyaSpotUK

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If you are a father of beautiful children or expecting, Happy Fathers Day


Illustrated by @SelluBanya1