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Saturday June 3rd 2017 #BBBSocial

On Saturday I attended the first Black British Bloggers Social event, not only was it privilege to be surrounded by like-minded people – it was informative! As in, a pen and paper (or digital notebook) was required. A voice recorder even! The tips and advice kept coming and overflowing my brain tank. It was brilliant!

I however, wish we had more of a mingling organised session, rather than in between the presentations – maybe prior to the talks. Besides, that I am definitely looking forward to the next one and hopefully soon.

Whilst there are fantastic posts and vlogs summarising the events of the day – I have decided to take my focus elsewhere and appreciate the British black male bloggers who attended in the midst of the numerous beeauti-ful ladies!

It’s unfortunate, I was only able to get some of their contact details and their social media handles but next time I promise to be brave enough and ask them there and then.

I have decided to dedicate this post to you, in hope that this will encourage you to continue to do your thing. I managed to find time to read through some of your posts and write my thoughts on it.



Jason R-T; Bringing my darker thoughts and opinions to light

I am a very new reader to Jason’s blog and my first impressions on appearance are that it is very clean and basically designed. I like it.

At an overview, it is clear that his blog conveys his thought, opinions and his views on important matters in life, including religion, self-love and travel. In my opinion, the posts are debate triggers suitable for events or debates to have with him if you meet him in person. Maybe there should be talk/debate show Jason…just a thought…

Going through his post, Jason knows himself and if you want to oppose his points, come knowing yourself and your stuff so that you do not waver before responding. I already know I need to go back to my Bible before breaking down your religious views to the “t”, just to cover myself lol.

One of the posts that caught my eye was titled “YIN AND YANG”…It’s about relationships. I surprisingly found myself applauding with most of the points he has made. He was real. However, saying that, I am with the group who would give her boyfriend only 40% of the package prior to marriage.

Jason comes with lengthy posts, so it needs to be read with a cup of tea – not too much sugar though – as we need bittersweet tongues to conversate out his views.

t: @Jason_R_T

Blog: https://jason-rt.com/


Music – Football – Fatherhood


“The mumsnet for dads”. This website is brilliant! Without clicking on the Blog section, I was already drawn. It’s wasn’t even the design but the information available for us readers (for the ladies and gents..yes I said Ladies too). There is a section which gives you ideas on things to do with your kids, “stuff to get” (books mainly) and even daddy debates that take place on twitter every Thursday at 9pm.

His website kindly gives you an insight to his daughter growth development, it is so cute. From one of his posts his one year old daughter is already in love with books, especially ones with animals characters.

A particular post that caught my attention in the blog section was titled “How can we teach our children about hard work and value of money? #DaddyDebates”. These men are not messing about when it comes to deciding topics to write about! 

Elliot executes this post commendably as he tells us  his experiences growing up and highlights that we can not use the same upbringing approach to our young kids today (and unborn ones too)! For starters our kids are surrounded by social media and smart phones so they are more prone. Let me not divulge too much of this post on here (I’m have squinting at my word count), want to read more, click here:

On a whole the blog, the website has a lot to offer and I really do hope it still will be running when I finally have my own kids in the long future.

i: @mffonline_

t: @MFFonline_

w: http://musicfootballfatherhood.com/

Lastly, ADE (the man who recognised me for my dimple) and YEMI (also know as the rum lover) also turned up at the #BBBSOCIAL.

Ade is the founder of ADZVICE, an online hub that provides guidance and recommendations for lifestyle, self-care, travel, money and more – indicating that there is something to cater for everyone.

He’s newly designed website is user friendly, bright and attractive to the eye, complimented with the new logo which is very simple, well thought of and not to be forgotten. However, unless actively engaging to their tweets and frequent reader to their contents – their contributors are! :(. There is no list of the frequent contributors.



Amongst the several contributions within his blog, Ade is almost everywhere in the food section of the blog. Where there is food you will always find the mandem lol!

The post to catch my eye authored by Ade himself was Redemption Bar | Spoil Yourself Without Spoiling Yourself At This Vegan Restaurant. The images did most of the talking whilst his words were to the point.

This made me laugh:


As a new reader to ADZVICE, it may not stand out but this man is the King of Collaboration!



Yemi, is not only an ADZVICE contributor but a personal financial blogger.

Unfortunately, it seems like Yemi blogs is going through rebranding – so I wasn’t able to check out his content. However check out his other handles.

t: @ADZVICE; t:@ImAdeAkins; t: @YemiAwop

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/adzvice

w: https://adzvice.com/


thoughts of jay

Since this post is focusing on the black male bloggers, I think it would be a crime not to mention one of my favourite blogger right now. His content goes under my skin and makes the hairs on my arms upright. Maybe it’s because I can relate to the poems. Maybe I have experienced the words. Maybe it’s what I wish to experienced. Or maybe it’s like having a sneak preview of what goes through a man’s mind. I don’t know…but I could read it over again and again.

I am in love with his writing! And I must give him credit for it.

Favourite posts: Let’s Kiss, Quietness and The Pits of Thoughts.

t: @JeffKwakuM

w: https://thoughtsofjayword.wordpress.com/


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