Black Owned Highlights

This month I was somewhat spoilt for choices when it came to deciding on which blacked owned business/entertainment to review this month. So I have decided to do something slightly different and focus on my top three purchases or happenings in May and give a review on each one.

TNEMNRODA (founded by Samantha Smikle)

Prior to finding BlacShade, I was adamant to find a pair of sunglasses designed and provided by a Black owned company, regardless of whether it was rooted from the UK or the US.

With no surprises the US Black owned business dominated the search engine results. TNEMNRODA was seriously quick to steal my attention. The name of the business is pronounced nemrowda and spelt adornment backwards – smart right?

Most of Samantha’s designs aren’t elegant or sophisticated –far from it! These are sunglasses that spice up your look (and if you are not careful…your life), they carry fun vibes and break plain fashion rules.

I purchased a pair named “Unity Sunnies”. At a quick glance it does resemble an ASOS aviator sunglasses brand but there are differences! Frame shape, décor, lens shape and so on. AND I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT! The shades are literally in and out of my car and I am actually concerned that it may break soon. Unlike the BlacShade, it doesn’t feel that sturdy. However, it does sit well on my broad nose and it also works well in sunlight whilst driving!


Although I wouldn’t categorise myself as a “born again” feminist, it was pleasant to know that the design was inspired from feminist movements of the 20th century.

The sunglasses from TNEMNRODA are supplied without cases but I got mine for free – so thank you Samantha!!!!!


t: @maisonTNEMNRODA

i: @tnemnroda



#PENTALK (hosted by founder, Cristine Edusi-Okoibhole) 

I know deep down, that this event deserves a full post of its own – but May was too good to me! So here it is as one of my highlights.

Pentalk is a type of event where conversations occur beyond Cristine’s blog and covers diverse range of topics including Love, Womanhood, Manhood, Christianity and Politics. During these occasions there are opportunities to mingle, network, lay out your opinions as well as soak in the good vibes.

It was May 6th when Pentalk fixated on a particular…well common statement. “Men are Trash”? Unfortunately, this post is not here to open up a debate part 2. But as “one house” we concluded that men are not trash that people are!

Moving on swiftly…

Out of the six PenTalks gatherings, this by far was the best turn out! It was packed out! With the ratio of male to female almost been at equilibrium the event got the best out of the two sides. And before we know it, it was all over.

The event took place in The Railway Tavern in Clapham and had its own segregated room within the bar making it a suitable to quench thirst or even hunger.

I am really excited to find out what Cristine has in stall for the future with Pentalk.

Thank you and well done Cristine.


t: @iAmCroe


The Dutchie


Now what kind of month would it have been for me if I didn’t try out a black owned restaurant? A friend of mine (Tion) recommended this restaurant to me – thank you T!

Apart from the fact that this restaurant is well hidden in the streets of Croydon, I couldn’t fault it. The building’s décor had that Caribbean feeling to it (with the representative colours of yellow, black, green and red), complimented with the sound of reggae music once entered.

Dish Ordered: The classic Oxtail with Rice and Peas (also served with plantain and salad), drink ginger beer.

I am here to write about the oxtail, butter beans stew or sauce. Lord have mercy! I think my friend must have been making conversation during the meal. Let’s just say I didn’t engage in the conversation but only my oxtail meat! Fighting with the bone to take in as much meat as possible. It was divine! Not too spicy but carried good flavour. The waiters weren’t stingy with the portions either hence it lasted till the last grain.

In a nutshell, I would never eat this on a first date. There would be no conversation, no listening. Just me eating and licking my fingers.


(Images for The Dutchie section are from the internet as my phone decided to disrespect me and wipe out) 😥 – yes a new phone and tablet may be on its way sooner rather than later.


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i: @dutchiecroydon

f: The Dutchie Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Typing to you again in June.