“Stunnas Alert” with BlacShade

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Founder: Sandra N. Dipate

I have been eating so much food from black owned restaurants the past few weeks, if I reviewed them all at once – it would probably turn this blog into a food blog…. *covers face*.

I am breaking this trend for now with a glimpse of fashion… well with eye fashion.

So here is my very late April review in earlyish May.

Sandra is in her own lane with her company BlacShade. They are not many, if not, no UK black owned independent companies designing and selling sunglasses, correct me if I’m wrong. I think Sandra deserves several high fives and “shout out” for seeing a gap in the market.

Although I bought two pairs of sunglasses from an american blacked owned company prior to finding the mentioned UK blacked owned company, BlacShade stood out with its “latest trends and exclusive styles of sunglasses”.

The first style that caught my eye was Aviatar.

Now… the less said about this pair the better lol. In a nutshell,  I fell in love and then I was heartbroken to see it was out of stock after my purchase had gone though – which they fully refunded. I had already daydreamed and nightdreamed how I was going to look with this sunglasses during my upcoming Autumn holiday :(.

And then there was Casablanca for £24.99. Named after the movie…I guess a complete change of identity when you wear them.


Unfortunately, the delivery was a bit of a blah blah. It didn’t come between 1 to 3 working days as stated on the website (palpitation mode was loading)  and then the delivery package, which to me did not represent the stylish/elegant look of the brand. However, BlacShade redeemed itself with its Casablanca sunglasses.

With the sharp gold frame and dark lens, it looks bold and different! For those who don’t like statemented sunglasses like myself, this could still do. If you chose the pink version, you would have people double check your lens – they look cute too, but its not me. Mind you, the gold and pink bought as a pair could pass off as a “him and her sunglasses”. Just a thought.

I would say this style suits all nose types; the bridge and nose pads make it comfortable to use and wear, especially when driving in direct sunlight – looks like I have finally found the sunglasses for my car.

Whether it suits my face style – I am still debating with myself and the mirror. I have a weird round/diamond shape face dependent the scales and my hairstyle. Will need to ask my ladies Elizabeth and Andrea to see if it works and update you…maybe model it. Not that I am a model. 

On a whole, this product is sturdy and there is that ability to dress the sunglasses in a either a funky or sophisticated manner – depending on your outgoings. Despite the delivery delay in which BlacShade was very apologetic for, I would definitely and will buy another few pairs. Aviatar and Duffy.


Typing to you soon.



i: @blacshade

w: http://www.blacshade.com/