Black/Melanin on Yellow/Mustard … (gorgeous mix!)


A very quick RANDOM post this time round, as I want the pictures to be doing most of the talking.

Via Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest I stumbled across some stunning images/photography/art displaying mustard on black skin and/or black skin on mustard background. Is it just me or this becoming the “in-new” thing? Whether it is or not, I am loving it! The combo is so beautiful to the point that pictures and art have left me in awe.

In my opinion, the black/yellow colour combo are “statement piece” images. There is a sense of mystery within the warmness; it also brings the simultaneous feelings of fear and joy.

I believe the two colours work well together and are a good way to show off our attributes as black/melanin people. Among us there is power and a sense of happiness, we can be quirky, come with an eye catching physic with colourful backgrounds and culture. And without a doubt we are beautiful no matter what shade.  Or maybe this is art in me talking?!?

Regardless, this is point where I am going to stop wondering if I’m going to resemble a bumble bee when I rock my mustard colour spring suited coat.

So to the artist, photographers, models and people behind the following images – lets “give dem” a shout out.


What comes to your mind when you see black/melanin on yellow/mustard?

Send in your comments and feedback – I will try and source out each image below so you can explore their work/articles.

Typing to you April ending….and Happy Easter!


Featured Image: @ed_wainaina (instagram)

From top Left:

 @twelve35gram (instagram); @sade (old picture from instagram); image from pinterest

Luke cage google image; Zoe Adjonyoh featuring @foodism image by David Harrison; @donttouchmy_hair

Lupita nyong’o google image; Mahershala; image from pinterest

Ataui Deng from pinterest; @choze_ (instagram); @jesseonlensfotografi (instagram)

@ed_wainaina (instagram); @lakinogunbanwo (instagram); Michaela Coel (google image)