Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

#Saturday 25th

In London, the sun is naked and March is coming to a close, meaning it’s time for pre-birthday celebrations ishh. Whoop whoop!

My friend and I decided Brixton, in a pop-up kitchen called Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. The menu on its own was enough to say “yep…March Review sorted”. 

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen (ZGK)

It’s Ghana Be Tasty

Founder: Zoe Adjonyoh

Neighbouring with several other young restaurants, ZGK is located in a unique space referred to as Pop Brixton. The space was decorated with relaxed and chilled out customers – so it wasn’t easy spotting ZGK. It was the “It’s Ghana Be Tasty” that caught our eye and prompted us to confirm if it was our desired venue.

With the exception of the Ghana caption, the presentation of the restaurant lacked any sort of African feel to it. It blended right in with the other pop up kitchens. That hurt a little…but hey. Next!

Ordered Dishes

Starter 1: Okra Fries, to the Nigerians ….we would probably call this Okro Fries, my fake English side would try and say Lady Fingers Fries. Now by default Okra stew is one of my favourite dishes. If I am in a healthy mood, instead of eating with a heavy starchy dish, I would eat Okra stew (chopped with diced scotch bonnet) alone with assorted meat or assorted fish or even with chopped up spinach leaves. On that note, it was only right for me to try Okra Fries. Marinated with ginger, garlic and chilli and then after tempura battered and deep fried, it was not what I expected at all. It was crunchy, it was tasty, it had its own spice. *PAUSE* AND THEN the okra slime juice massaged my tongue. It was amazing and irregular.

I think Okra Fries is like marmite. You are either going to love it or spit it out. I loved it. I hope to find this dish in the Winter/Spring/Autumn and Summer menu. To conclude, this starter, is now added to my “must learn how to cook” list.

Hey Zoe can I have the recipe for this please?

Starter 2: Tatale Spiced Plantain Pancakes

The first time I attempted or even heard of plantain pancakes was through my sister in January during my Daniel Fast Season. Am I late? Although it was her first time making it and served with apple syrup, it was delish. So those experimenting with Vegan dishes…and missing pancakes – this is a good choice.  Zoe’s plantain pancakes didn’t disappoint me either. It tasted delicate and soft like a pancake should and still had plantain sweet flavour coming through strong. Like how fried, grilled and boiled plantain has their unique taste….so did the pancake. Strange but beautiful type of vegetable, right?

Main: Aduna World Baobab Tilapia Fillet – Presentation was spot on!

My first reaction (in my head) was “where is the rest of it?” – I was hungry.

The tilapia was not overbearing with seasoning. It was light and I respected the taste, it fitted really well with the wilted spinach and of course my okra starter. However, it was gone too soon from my plate. We didn’t get time to bond 😦 . Maybe I ate too fast.

Drinks: Hibiscus Juice – presented in a bottle. With the exception its fresh taste, there was nothing spectacular about the juice, to be quite honest the flavour was quite forgettable and I was still yarning for a kick after the last drop. I shall research hibiscus cocktails later.

I am not quite sure why we didn’t order dessert. My friend and I probably got carried away with our conversations but I would have ordered:

Love Chin Chin Banoffe Pie – made with vanilla chin chin as the biscuit base, spiced with nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, layer of caramel sauce, topped with slices of banana and whipped double cream with shavings of divine dark chocolate.

 Lord have mercy!

On a whole ZGK delivers beautiful native Ghanaian dishes that merges with contemporary dining at a reasonable cost and as a result, I believe it can satisfy everyone’s taste buds and not just the West Africans.  Experiencing dishes from this restaurant has inspired me to continue to experiment in my kitchen, mix matching one culture dish to an English or Nigerian dish. It is not every day bangers and mash or jollof rice and fried chicken with supermalt.

From my research Zoe is very much on the go with the ZGK project and is hoping  to find a permanent place in Shoreditch…exciting times.

t: @GhanaKitchen

i: @ghanakitchen

w: http://zoesghanakitchen.co.uk/restaurant/

This time round, I have to say it is a beautiful thing to find friends who share the same vision (and interests) as you. I say this, because our initial plan was to find a blacked owned restaurant (back in February) and into approaching the agreed date, we realised our chosen venue was not going to be available on this day. *Sigh* #intelligentwomenslipup

Now me being me just wanted find somewhere to eat regardless of who owned the business; suggesting venues like Banana Tree or Staxx and the City. However, the whole situation didn’t phase my friend. She was adamant we were going to support a blacked owned restaurant today, that if we couldn’t find one via the internet then we were going to find one via foot.

So on this note, this post is dedicated to you Barbara and you deserve a shout out – I had such a great time with you and you have inspired me. #Inspiringoldfrinend.

Writing back to you in April 🙂