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Dark Sugars


Founder: Nyanga (other articles refer to the owner as Fatou Mendy)

I’ve only just relocated to Milton Keynes for a week and returning back to London for the weekend – felt great! And with the feel of spring trying to burst its way through as well – it felt even better.  Oh yes! I am a typical city lady who loves the busy life and likes to be spoiled with choices when it comes to means of transport.

Now that my time in London is now as a frequent visitor, my time in the city has got to be productive and every movement needs to count. So this weekend  was an opportunity to check out a black owned shop called Dark Sugars Chocolate in Brick Lane.

In comparison to the bars and restaurants already in Brick Lane, Dark Sugars Chocolate highlighted itself not only with long queues of customers but also a number of abstract wooden sculptures presented as chocolate stands on display.  Chocolate pearls, Chocolate Rocks, chocolate cubes. Chocolate with alcohol, chocolate with nuts, chocolate truffles and VEGAN chocolate. All handmade.

The displays stunned me, the cocoa smell overwhelmed me and the afrobeat music got me. Basically, in the not so cold weather…it brought out good vibes. I really do think that the Dark Sugars deserves to have its own cafe; I would have loved to sit and write in such a setting. Watching the non-blacks fascinated and eager to taste the Ghanaian cocoa.

My Purchases 

Hot Chocolate (Think it was a classic flavour) at approximately £3.00.

I should have taken a video. Next time eh?

A hot drink which was beautifully light and left a long lasting natural chocolate taste (signifying to me there is a good percentage of cacao – the natural stuff). The drink was served with sprinkled flakes of white and milk chocolate (of a respectable) size on top. It was the business! Didn’t melt too easily so it indeed the flavour on my taste buds lasted a lot longer.

Assorted Chocolate Box: Personally selected and filled with Matcha chocolate, red velvet chocolate and my favourite Hazelnut Praline at £20.00.

These were treats that instantly anointed the tongue with the rich chocolate flavour. Unlike the red velvet and hazelnut, with the matcha flavour, it took a while before the flavour kicked in.

The hazelnut flavour came out strong and I treasured it by making sure it was the last chocolate that left the box.

Although simple, the box that comes with the assorted chocolate is bright and beautiful and definitely worth converting into a storage box.

The most satisfying thing about Dark Sugars Chocolate is that they do delivery (and not just in London) just by ordering online – GLORY! I already have my eyes on a few more flavours that I would like to try, so their webpage will certainly be getting a frequent visitor.

Hmmmm. yum!


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