¿Guess What Podcast?


So here I am looking at Lola Michaels’ new blog, unintentionally getting introduced to the “Guess What Podcast” hosted by JWande and Delzz (Thanks girl!)

Though only three episodes in, they already deserve a “GIVE DEM” a shout out.

From its profile, the podcast offers discussions where no topic is off limit. So definitely, definitely – there will be something worth listening to for everyone in the long run.

From the first two episodes I have listened to; they hit on current affairs/controversial issues followed by the topic that have an impact on our millennial generation, leading to giving shout outs to people or businesses that have caught them by eye. *Thumbs up*

Jwande and Delzz work well together – the entertainment chemistry between the two often get me into stitches.

Some of the quote(s) that still got me laughing a day later include (Yes a day later, but I am weird like that): “you don’t even understand the language but prawn cracker” – think at this point Delzz was eating prawn cracker.

“Not every day go to Camberwell green to get your nails done”… *opens eyes wide  & covers face*


I found each of the episodes so far to flow nicely, so it is easy to listen to whilst undertaking other activities. Although, on the odd occasion they slightly go off tangent , I feel that both hosts are very clear and real when exploring the points they want to put across – it’s not focused on a one type of point view – so again repeating my earlier statement – there is something or will be something for everyone worth listening to.

Randomly, I am in love with Jwande’s accent.  The way she says “life” and “is that” and also, already cautioned by Jwande; Delzz needs to calm down with the foul language.

But all in all the show is unique and built to challenge your thoughts and make you laugh at the same time.

Join me and let’s “give it to dem!”

@JwandeS, @Delzz_Smith @GuessWhat_Pod

My own views on Where is the Support?

If you are always waiting for a friend or family to support you, you will be waiting forever. Not getting support from the loved ones doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. There are strangers (experts) out there waiting to bump into your business plans, blogs and creativity to open new doors for you.

So yes – be your own cheerleader and seek out these strangers (expertise) to take you into the next phase of your goal, plan or business.

Typing to you soon (don’t forget to send me your feedbacks)