Black Businesses, Black Power

We are currently in a season now where the number of black owned businesses is increasing, business that are unique and that have been executed so carefully to satisfy the gaps in the market, products and services including but not limited to: arts and craft, healthy eating, fashion and beauty.

Black entrepreneurs have made themselves and their trade identifiable to their appropriate target group – whether it through social media, exhibitions, African-Caribbean markets and so on. If you haven’t notice, then where have you been?

I am proud to say that I have been exposed to a number of exhibitions and African-Caribbean markets to the point that I have developed an urge to make it my business to purchase an item or a service from a blacked owned business. Yes, it’s time to make room within my monthly budget and shop! No matter how small the item. It is time for to support.

Will it be an easy task for me? I believe so. Buying is always an easy part for me, especially when it comes to art and clothing. Make up (or having someone put make-up on me) I am not so sure…but I’m going to try.

So a day in a month my plan is to research, spend, use (or read) and review my favourite products/services from  a number of blacked owned business and share them with you.

Join me and let us start supporting more black businesses.

PS: Despite doing this task, I will still be shopping at my favourite stores ie. Mango, Superdrug and Hummingbird Bakery and so on. The task is merely to highlight that I (and you) have choices to invest/spend my (your) money (and not just non-black owned businesses). Saying that however, I am in search to find a hair product store owned by a black entrepreneur as I feel they may be more of an expert when it comes to the treatment/maintenance of my type hair.

Hoping to have fun with this.

Remain blessed, writing back in the new year :).