There is a Process of Giving Feedback: 5 Lessons Learnt…

This post is sequel to my previous post titled 5 Ways to Find a Black Owned Business. It wasn’t until last week that I found myself replying to a lot of emails relating… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find a Black Owned Business

This post is to briefly discuss whether consumers are having difficulty finding Black Owned Businesses to support. The post also suggests a sketchy guide on how to find Black Owned Business’ products/services to… Continue reading

Black Kings VI: Creative Black Men

The Black King series is finally here for the first time this year to highlight yet another five exceptional black male bloggers and/or writers. In this series, if you are into architecture, story… Continue reading

Black & White Pictures and Monochrome Photography

This is one post where my aim is to allow the pictures to do most of the talking. It is also an opportunity to appreciate black & white (or monochrome) art, pictures and… Continue reading

Men Advising Their Younger Self

 It’s 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is so easy to start the New Year with the “new year, new me” quote.

Challenging Your Last Moments With 2017

Towards the end of a 12 month period (from January to December), the majority of us are busy reflecting on the highlights and low lights of the year. Some are planning for the… Continue reading

Autumn’ 17 Black Owned Highlights

October was a great month when it came to supporting black owned businesses as well as doing my little bit to celebrate the 30th year of Black History Month. Here is a summary… Continue reading

UK Black Business Show Review

Documenting my thoughts and opinions on UK’s Black Business Show that took place on 14th October 2017. The purpose of the event was produce a platform where attendees could connect with professionals and… Continue reading

Black Kings V: Black British Men who Blog/Vlog

Black King series has returned with five more gifted black men who are making movements within our community. This month we have a fashion guru, a food blogger, our very first health fitness… Continue reading

September Summer ’17: Atlanta & Punta Cana

Feels good to be writing again – Hello! The break was necessary, balancing work and blogging together was slightly becoming mentally and physically exhausting. How I still managed to deliver was a miracle.… Continue reading

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